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20 Free Mockup T-Shirt Templates

Great quality photography is what is going to set your products apart from the competition. No one is going to buy from a store with low quality images and so we have come up with a list of the best 30 free t-shirt template you can use.

This best thing about all these PSD mockup is that with most you can change the colour and background. However for the most professional look we recommend that you use a white background. This is because white background images work well with any colour theme of a website. If you need more persuading one of the most online retailers in the worlds requires seller to upload products with a white background.

All t-shirts are free to download and won’t cost you a dime;

  1. T-Shirt hanging from wooden hanger

This is a floating t-shirt mockup in a layered PSD file for which you can change t-shirt and background colour.

Cost: Free

2. Hanging t-shirt mockup

Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

This is another hanging t-shirt mockup. This is very Pinterest friendly and the mockup can be customised. The great thing about this one is that it is super high resolution 5000 x 5000, so you can even produce close ups shot with it (by cropping etc).

Cost: Free

3. Flat T-Shirt Mockup

Join the Dribbble + Threadless t-shirt playoff!

This is a great simple mens t-shirt, was originally designed for a threadless competition but none the less can be used to mockup a design. The t-shirt is placed on a wooden background which looks pretty cool but you can turn this layer off to have a plain white background (or add another colour that would suit).

Cost: Free

4. Close-up t-shirt mockup on model

If you are looking to mockup an image on a model wearing a t-shirt (without their face), this is a great example. The only issue with this t-shirt mockup is that you can only change the t-shirt colour and not the background.

Cost: Free

5. Cool Boutique T-Shirt Mockup

With the t-shirts being on a wooden background it gives that overall feel a boutique look. Great way to make your t-shirt designs looks fantastic. Perfect for Instagram.

Cost: Free

6. Flat Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockup

With this particular mockup there are lots of creases on the t-shirt so when you image is overlaid it looks photorealistic and pretty much impossible to tell that its not a photo. The PSD file to download is just over 45MB which means high resolution and so you can produce close up shots with it.

Cost: Free

7. Angled t-shirt mockup

Ok so you probably couldn’t use this one for your main template in a t-shirt e-commerce store, however you could use it as one off shots in your social media accounts. Its a cool way to present your t-shirt to customers. When your graphic is overlaid onto the t-shirt it is displaced in photoshop so that it looks real.

8. 4 Scene t-shirt mockup

4 shots of t-shirts in different scene, worn by a model. This pack include one t-shirt mockup for designs that you may wish to display on a back of a t-shirt.

Cost: Free

9. Long line t-shirt mockup

This is based on Bella + Canvas 3006 t-shirt, but it can be used to promote any long line t-shirt providing they look a similar shape. The bonus with this is is that you can choose to insert a logo for the inner neck design of the t-shirt.

Cost: Free

10. V-neck hanging t-shirt mockup

If you have a design to you wish to show/sell on a v neck t-shirt this is the one you want. With our opinon it would probably be best to use this one on social media posts compared to an e-commerce site, but it up to you.

Cost: Free

11. T-Shirt mockup front and back

For this particular psd template it includes both front and back templates which you can easily customise for your needs. The t-shirt colours is easily changed in photoshop via the colour pallet. Background is a wood affect, but can be easily switched off if not needed.

Cost: Free

12. American Apparel Mens Crewneck Mockup

Colours in this psd mockup have already been pre-defined for American Apparel. So all you have to do is select the colour you will be using and that is the exact colour match used by this manufacturer. Inner neck logo can also be changed to suit.

Cost: Free

13. V-neck t-shirt on model mockup

This one is great if you are looking to sell a design on a V-neck t-shirt being worn by a male model.
It’s a classic design being worn here and not specific to any manufacturer and so can be used a a whole variety of ways.

Cost: Free

14. Flat T-Shirt Mockup

Here with have yet another mens flat t-shirt mockup. Can be easily edited using smart layer in photoshop. Features both front and back of the garment.

Cost: Free

15. Polo shirt mockup

Another floating mockup from Pixel Den. This is a polo shirt mockup for which the colours can be changed and logos/designs can easily be added to the top using smart layers. Inner neck layer can also be customised.

Cost: Free

16. Rolled up sleeves hanging t-shirt

The rolled up sleeve on this templates gives the t-shirt a kind of hipster look, so if that is the kind of t-shirt you plan on selling than great. If not but you still want to use the mockup you could just explain to your customers that the sleeves are rolled up for display purposes only.

Cost: Free

17. Flat Mens T-Shirt Mockup

Easily add your logo or design to this one using smart objects in photoshop. T-shirt colour can be adjusted use Hue/Saturations setting.

Cost: Free

18. Folded Heather/marl t-shirt mockup

Folded t-shirt for which you can showcase your designs on. With this one you can customise the colour the t-shirt, great for displaying sports grey. The inner neck design for displaying your brand. The hanging tag can be used to finish the look off (or hidden depending) on what you prefer.

Cost: Free

19. Full length t-shirt mockup


Looking to show showing actually wearing your t-shirt, then this mockup is ideal for you. Fully customisable. It is also a high resolution file so it is possible to produce close up without showing the whole of the model in.

Cost: Free

20. Mens t-shirt mockup with hanging tag

Here is a flat mockup template with a nice little touch of a hanging tag. With this feature it looks like realistic, like someone has taken a photo of it. Also include the back of the t-shirt so you can mock that up too.

Cost: Free

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