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DTG Printing

We offer full colour printing on garments that are 100% Cotton (or up to 20% Polyester Blends). Whether that be just a photograph, very complex multi coloured artwork to simple text based designs.

We also have the ability to print on a a greater range of garments with our Vinyl Transfer method. Great for things such as; sports wear, polyester garments, tri-blends etc. However designs are limited to 1 colour (from a select range), and they have to be fairly simple.

Print Area
Our maximum print area is 14"x16" which in our experience is far bigger than most people require.

So what are the pros over other t-shirt printing method, you may be wanting to know.

    • One of the main advantages is that it is perfect for short runs meaning that if you have 0-50 t-shirts this is perfect for us although we do larger runs.
    • This make DTG printing the best choose for artwork/images that have lots of colour in them. Please make sure your artwork is in CMYK format to ensure colours are accurately printed.
    • With some other printing method (mainly screen printing) you are often charged a screen setup costs, with our DTG printing we don't charge anything like that. You just pay for each t-shirt you want to print with fixed costs
    • Unlike some companies that utilize screen printing, there typically is a minimum number of garments you have to order which can be typically be anything from 25-20 minimum. However here at Shirt Panda we don't mind if you just want to order 1 t-shirt, 2 t-shirts or 1000 its up to you.

Some thing you may want to know

  • The pre-treatment that is used can leave a slight mark (not that noticeable) on the garment, but comes out on the first wash. This is the same for anyone that prints via a DTG, but we choose to be upfront about it.


Even Nike Has Used The Same DTG Printer...

Courtesy of RA Smart. We have no affiliation with NIKEiD, Nike Inc or any of the brands represented in the video.

If there is one thing you can trust from a word renown clothing brand is that they are going to choose the best equipment to produce their clothing lines. Here they have used the Epson F2000 DTG printer that we also use here at Shirt Panda.

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